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Strategies, Statistics, Terminals and Players in Atlas Format

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The EIA is proud to present the second edition of the ‘Intermodal Yearbook 2011/2012; Strategies, Statistics, Terminals and Players’, this year published in both printed and digital formats.

The purpose of this Yearbook is to be a reference point for EU decision makers, a strategic and statistical source for operators, a promotional tool to reach ‘newcomers’ and a directory with names of players to facilitate potential collaborative partnerships all in one.



A high quality Atlas format has been chosen to show freight transport policy measures, port-hinterland strategies, modal shares, capacities, volumes, green logistics, technologies as well as plenty of maps and graphs streamlined by EIA into a coherent view.


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Apart from the production of new statistics by lead partners NEA and ISL, different sources have been

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consulted, such as Eurostat, various DGs within the EC, national ministries, port databases, ‘Brussels’ expert organisations, promotion centres, research bodies, EU project results, press, universities, personal opinions of individuals and, of course, members of EIA. The administrative price has been kept deliberately low; it should be accessible for various authority and management levels, also educational institutes as supplier of our future decision makers.

Many thanks to our sponsors: Ambrogio; ECT Rotterdam; Siemens; Polzug Intermodal; Procter & Gamble; Port of Amsterdam.




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